Welcome to The Dragon’s Roost.
Enjoy a game with friends.

Relax with a house blend coffee or espresso, or awaken your mind with a rousing tabletop game.

Located at Saxon Square in Sylvania, OH, we are a friendly game store that also specializes in specialty coffee and pastries.


  • Stop in for a relaxing cup of house brew coffee and a fresh pastry.

  • Sit down at our hobby bar to finish up some detailed work on a few miniatures.

  • Itching for a game? Tabletop, board games, cards, or dice; we have a large selection to choose from, and you can even bring your own in!

Looking for a Little Gaming Fun?

The Dragon’s Roost was designed with enjoyment in mind. Plenty of seating to relax and unwind and maybe play a game or two. With 4 tables dubbed the “Skirmish” tables measuring 38″x38″, they are able to accommodate most card and board games, as well as many skirmish-sized wargames, such as Malifaux, Deadzone, and the Batman Miniatures Game. The perfect size table to play Magic: The Gathering while enjoying a cappuccino and an Oreo kronut.

Tabletop Games

Have a Game your Eager to play?
Drop us a note and let us know you're coming, we'll be happy to reserve a table for you.

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